About Total Craigroyston
Total Craigroyston is an initiative set up by the Edinburgh Partnership to improve outcomes for children and families in the neighbourhood around Craigroyston Community High School.

We are doing this by taking a three pronged approach – strengthening services that are open to all like health, early years and schools; strengthening support for families, ensuring that help and support is available when it is needed and building on the strength of the community; by supporting local people to organize their own activities and being involved in what happens in the area.

We want to build on good practice, reduce duplication where it is present, and increase joint working. For us joint working is about two things. Firstly, services working together for the benefit of the people who use our services. And secondly, it is about having the community as central partners in all that we do.

The reasons for an initiative like this is to address the fact that the public sector needs to improve the way it works based on the findings of the Christie Commission and the recognition that in some parts of Edinburgh the outcomes for children and families fall below those of the wider community in Edinburgh.

How does Total Craigroyston Work?
The Total Craigroyston team is made up of a few full time staff and is supported by input from a number of local staff with time dedicated to the initiative. As the initiative is about changing the way we work everything we do will be within the existing resources. We are doing this by working closely with the community and local teams to identify opportunities for change and addressing challenges that are faced to making the shift we want to see.

Our Road Map was written after an extensive consultation with local staff and residents. It shows the direction we are taking.

Who is responsible for Total Craigroyston?
Working under the guidance of the Edinburgh Partnership and the Total Craigroyston Steering Group and is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction. You can see the membership of the Steering Group by clicking on the link at the side of the page.

We also have a local management group made up of local service managers and voluntary sector representatives. This group is responsible for taking work forward at local level and ensuring that services are working effectively together to improve outcomes. You can see who is on our local management group by clicking the link at the side of the page.